About Us

We firmly believe that to make a surfmat that brings real joy comes from a conversation between the rider and the maker. From this conversation we can use our skills and craftsmanship to build you a surf-craft that not only feels alive but a living part of you. We aim to make surfmats that will change the way you think about riding waves – surfmats that are designed look good, built to last and go fast!

For us this is what it’s all about.

Matt Fedden – Surfmat Designer & Maker

Matt Fedden builds every custom surfmat by hand

Matt was six when he made his first boat out of a beehive box and sailed it across Titley pond. He’s been making, mending and generally fooling around with hulls, boards and mats ever since. His multivariate skills as a craftsman extend from wood to metal to high-performance airbags.

“In college I studied bats and farming and followed this up by working for several years in West Africa and the Caribbean. When I returned to the UK I worked as a blacksmith and have done for the past 25 years. I’ve been keeping my hands busy designing and making work since.”

“I got into surfing on the river Severn 20 years ago. However, it was the surf mats that really started the obsession with really having fun in the surf. My riding started with a Redback, which soon gave way to a Paul Gross Fourth Gear Flyer. I made my first surfmat in 2013. Since then I’ve been building, testing and refining the surfmats, along with the tools and the techniques I use to bring them to life. It has become an all-encompassing passion.”

Ian JermynIan Jermyn – Design Collaborator & Media Creative

After being completely humbled on his first  session on a west coast Irish slab, he knew surfmats had ruined his life. Ian is the transient creative behind Organic Devolution, an umbrella under which he has been writing, illustrating and printmaking since 2003. He now collaborates with Matt on the creative design and testing of Mc Surfmats.

“Sometime in the early 80s I first wobbled to my feet on a coolite board on the Sunshine Coast in Australia. I rode all sorts of craft but fell hard for thick heavy boards with two or fewer fins. Where I grew up in Queensland was pretty crowded. When I first traveled to Ireland in 2009 I was introduced to a radically different surf-culture.¬† Though it took a while to adjust to the cold, I found the best waves of my life. I bought my first surfmats while living on the west coast and was continually bewildered with what they we capable of taking on. Tiny through to terrifying, a surfmat soon seemed like the most sensible (or most ludicrous) choice.”

“Illustration and printmaking have always been a strong current though my life whatever I’ve done. The influence of the sea is throughout my work. In recent years it got more tangled up by doing a degree in marine science in Tasmania. After a break of three years in Ireland (again), surfing, screen-printing and illustrating, we moved our family back to Tassie for some warmth and to raise our little fella.”

For more about our surfmats, what we do and how we do it, check out the FAQ.