Lightweights and pointbreaks

Pointbreaks and unicorns – not my idea but the tag continues to amuse me.

While big grinding pointbreaks are indeed a things of wonder the microwave provides an alternative escape from the crowds. There is a certain point of diminishing wave size where for many frustration sets in. While, arguably, there’s no board that can ride all waves well, the surfing’s cryptoculture of surfmatting offers such equipment. Big waves or small, the polymorphic form of the under-inflated inflatable lets you ride it all.

Pointbreak power calls for a lightweight surfmat that can get you in and out with speed and control

For chasing the fleas that lurk in places where rhinos are known to tread  surfmats offer you a gutfull of smiles to rival that many folks might think are only harvested from the big days at the point. They have the agility to search and ride that lines of energy in some pretty small stuff; keep the inflation low-low and relax… with only subtle input – a squeeze here or there, a lift, a push – the mat will track itself along finding the fastest line possible.

Test pilot suiting up to begin some research on a lightweight pointbreak model surfmat

We’ve been developing a mat that will excel on points. It’s a lightweight design that enables it to generate speed quickly from take-off, keep the accelerator down through turns and down the line. Yeah, in small waves it has proven to be super fun which is great for tiny days but also for those who still find bigger days a bit sketchy. These same mats taken out in more solid surf have demonstrated that the design continues to excel under power.

We’re almost there and will release the design soon – we reckon it’s going to be a stay tuned.

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