Deliver me again unto the sea

Saturday. After a week of… whatever – the conditions were looking fun for going coastal and chasing some sliders. Early morning (post-pancakes of course) the thrift-shop backpack stashed four mats, three pairs of fins, two wetsuits, snacks and more. Compact for adventures lurking seaward of the dunes…

There's something magic about riding your own breath
There’s something magic about riding your own breath

The smog and city funk starts to slough away as soon as the feet feel the sand. That heat underfoot… it soaks in. Grass is good but that chirp of ancient quartz beneath the feet sends visceral vibrations – tales of this land and sea before time. Soon enough the flaming summer sand tracks down to the sea will coax some serious jive stepping.!

Where we got in the sand tilted into the sea such that the surge back out to sea was almost ridable. Where this met the incoming waves weird aquatic contortions vaulted skyward offering those incoming to properly test their air-bags. On a surfmat backwash is welcome chaos.

Take off deep
Take off deep

It’s been good to get out with a few other heads at once. It’s been fun seeing the eyes widen, brows lift and smiles contort the faces of friends fresh to these inflatable craft. Without fail so far, every time my offer to test-ride a surfmat has been taken up the response has been bewilderment and joy. Tomorrow too the conditions look promising…

Riding within the wave on a bubble of air
Riding within the wave on a bubble of air

Another day to build up that salt-crust insulation for the coming week? Yep, I’m in. You may deliver me again unto the sea…

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