High-performance, custom surf mats, hand-made in the UK

Fresh from the workshop

Feedback on the mats

The thing just felt really quick, accelerating straight from the takeoff… Fast? I’m not really sure if these things are legal!

“was in the water for a couple of hours this morning, excellent long rights in shoulder to head high with the occasional overhead sets. Glassy with nice peaks outside, slowish take off reforming to a fast shore break finish. Mc 22 is a bit of a “magic” mat, she flies! Just right for these conditions. Hang onto those dimensions!”

“Another great surf on the mat today – prob 4-5ft solid sets, barrelling at a place called Evans Head, NSW. The lineup was dotted with about 15 school kids taking their surf class – a regular thing in Oz. So good to make every late takeoff and ride to the end. I even got some hoots from the schoolies! Ol’ puss is starting to purr now”