Mc Surfmats (now Warpmats) - beautiful, custom surfmats handmade in the UK

Welcome to the Mc Surfmats website - home of the handmade, personally customised surfmats built by Matt Fedden. The Mc line of handmade surfmats has ended and here you can explore the design progression of the Mc Surfmats over the years as well as the stories in the Blog.

Matt is continuing to build surfmats in collaboration with Ian Jermyn in their new venture - Warpmats. Together they are committed to building handmade surfmats that focus on designs that are personally customised to each rider and the waves they surf. Be sure to check out what they're doing on the new Warpmats website where you can place your order for a new surfmat and read about what they're doing now. You can follow what they're doing also on Facebook and Instagram.

Blog Archive

Well Matt, it’s fast and loose, my regular surf partners reckon it goes quicker than the others and it feels that way. Seems easier to ride under-inflated in comparison as well – less predictable,┬ásometimes out of nowhere it takes off, which I quite like.

I cannot express how happy or pleased I am – it has been an absolute joy getting to know this little bag of air. I would recommend your product to everyone. Thank-you so much for everything from your service to your correspondence. You have one very pleased customer…

Had a couple of surfs so far & have to say its been a blast – fast doesn’t do it justice, very easy into waves & positive through turns with an ability to hold a high line in steep sections. Many thanks by the way for the extra deflator gadget…