Mc Surfmats (now Warpmats) - beautiful, custom surfmats handmade in the UK

Welcome to the Mc Surfmats website - home of the handmade, personally customised surfmats built by Matt Fedden. The Mc line of handmade surfmats has ended and here you can explore the design progression of the Mc Surfmats over the years as well as the stories in the Blog.

Matt is continuing to build surfmats in collaboration with Ian Jermyn in their new venture - Warpmats. Together they are committed to building handmade surfmats that focus on designs that are personally customised to each rider and the waves they surf. Be sure to check out what they're doing on the new Warpmats website where you can place your order for a new surfmat and read about what they're doing now. You can follow what they're doing also on Facebook and Instagram.

Blog Archive

I’ve been making more waves than ever & it’s my “go to” for almost all conditions. It shakes off the white water & skates round sections. I’m usually running 180 inflation, that seems to work best.

The mat is amazing I don’t bother taking the other mat out anymore. I’ve just got a feel for your mat. Had another couple of really great sessions last couple of weeks. I really love it mate thanks again.

Was in the water for a couple of hours this morning, excellent long rights in shoulder to head high with the occasional overhead sets. Glassy with nice peaks outside, slowish take off reforming to a fast shore break finish. Mc 22 is a bit of a “magic” mat, she flies! Just right for these conditions. Hang onto those dimensions!