Unique custom-made inflatable surf craft

From crumbly microwaves to freight-train pointbreaks, our modern surfmats will give you an experience that is unequaled by any other surf-craft in the water. They are lightweight, robust and incredibly fast.

Your experience with the sea and your approach to riding waves is something personal. This is why all Mc Surfmats are customised for each individual; it's a collaboration between you and us to create something unique. We reckon this just makes sense.

From the Journal

I cannot express how happy or pleased I am – it has been an absolute joy getting to know this little bag of air. I would recommend your product to everyone. Thank-you so much for everything from your service to your correspondence. You have one very pleased customer…

Another great surf on the mat today – prob 4-5ft solid sets, barrelling at a place called Evans Head, NSW. So good to make every late takeoff and ride to the end. I even got some hoots from the schoolies! Ol’ puss is starting to purr now.

The mat is amazing I don’t bother taking the other mat out anymore. I’ve just got a feel for your mat. Had another couple of really great sessions last couple of weeks. I really love it mate thanks again.